Srdan Rasic A software engineer


Hi there, my name is Srđan Rašić1. I’m a software engineer. I spend my nights fighting Swift generics system. Usually we end up crashing Source Kit.

Most of my professional experience comes from a job at Five as an iOS developer. The amount of smart and beautiful people working there on world-class apps is staggering. Being part of that provided me with the experience on all aspects of product development.

I’m also an active open-source contributor. My most popular project is Swift Bond, but now I’m more focused on ReactiveKit. A lot of my knowledge can be attributed to open online resources, so this is my attempt to give something back to the community.

On this blog I try to write about challenges I’m encountering and solutions I’m coming up with during my professional and personal career. Note that this is a tech blog so anything older than a year should be taken with a grain of salt.

You can find more info about me on LinkedIn and GitHub, follow me on Twitter or ping me at

1 I do feel your pain. It is pronounced srd͡ʒan raʃit͡ʃ.